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Physicians are overloaded of administrative activities

We have the solution

Only ⅓ of the time is spent with patients Increase quality time with your patients and get home on time. With Skeeter you will not waste your days in front of a keyboard.

For half of their day, physicians are bound to their PC Physicians’ time is spent in managerial and administrative activities such as redacting official documents and emails; this time is only increasing.

Hospitals waste a lot of their budgets, due to bureaucracy Analysis show that administrative costs add up to 25% of the total expenditure. Cost reduction and optimisation of doctors’ schedules are our primary goals.

Talk. Check. Done.

We let doctors focus on what matters.

Talk to your device

It records and transcribes everything you say.

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Let us take care of you, by doing the boring activities.

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Hospital costs reduction is the main challenge.

Skeeter uses technology to improve efficiency and save money.

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Swiss-based Skeeter is a Swiss HealthTech company with the aim of giving an important contribution to healthcare's challenges by offering innovative applications and services designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers and their medical staff. Main goal We provide innovative solutions to support the healthcare industry in achieving operational excellence by introducing bleeding-edge technology, putting patients at the heart of services and letting practitioners focus on their main activities.


Vision We want more affordable and efficient healthcare system, in which every doctor can spend more time for direct patient care and less for bureaucracy and administrative activities. Mission We undertake research and action focused on reducing hospitals’ healthcare expenditure, helping with cost containment strategies with a new system designed to speed up physicians’ administrative tasks.

What you get from Skeeter


Up to 8 hours of recordings per day.


All the info you need. Always with you.


Designed by physicians, for physicians.


All your data is encrypted, end to end.


A whole system dedicated to physicians' needs.


A web app and integration to your EHR.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, there are several studies which showed it. One of them, done by Stanford Business School, has found proof that voice recognition is almost three times faster than typing, and that it also reduces errors. For further information, you can check this article: Sherry Ruan, Jacob O. Wobbrock, Kenny Liou, Andrew Ng, James Landay. Comparing Speech and Keyboard Text Entry for Short Messages in Two Languages on Touchscreen Phones. PACM Interact. Mob. Wearable Ubiquitous Technol, 2017. Vol. 1, Issue 4, Article 159. DOI: 10.1145/3161187

No, Skeeter is a smart assistant specifically designed for healthcare. Unlike a dictaphone, which is cabled to a PC and so it has considerable logistic limits, Skeeter can be worn and so used at any moment during the normal work shift. It means that at the end of the working day the healthcare provider has just to finalize the clinical documentation, since the vocal notes and the related transcription will be already available within both the device and the web app. This is a significant advantage compared to using a dictaphone, in which the recording and the transcription activities can be mainly done from scratch at the end of the working day. Moreover, while the dictaphone is not meant to be used in a specific field, Skeeter is perfectly suitable for healthcare professionals' jobs, as each service and each functionality has been specifically designed to fit the needs and the requirements of the healthcare world.

Sure, Skeeter can be used for any purpose, even for generic notes dictation. Then you can retrieve and easily manage all the related transcriptions, available in the web app, by logging in your personal Skeeter profile.

Definitely not, Skeeter takes users’ privacy very seriously. The system starts recording only once you decide to activate it. The recording can be stopped and restarted afterwards, when necessary. Moreover, it would be technically impossible for the device to always keep listening; wearable devices have a limited battery, hence it would be quickly drained out.

Yes, Skeeter devices are water resistant and the watchband is made of silicon. Hence, they can be easily disinfected, even with the classic disinfecting tissues, just as the ones already used daily to clean the medical equipment.

Yes, the system isolates the noises in the background and properly identifies the main source of the recorded sound.

Sure, Skeeter is built on a wearable device, so the standard functionalities of the device (as showing date and time) are available.

Yes, Skeeter is designed to be easily interfaced with the other devices commonly used in the healthcare facilities.

Yes, Skeeter can potentially be integrated with the EHR softwares already in place. Moreover, Skeeter is working towards the international interoperability of the medical records data, by leveraging the HL7 FHIR standard.

Definitely yes, our engineers come from the financial IT sector, so they are very familiar with the dynamics related to data security; Skeeter ensures a higher protection and reliability, since the system is entirely encrypted end-to-end.

Skeeter Support guarantees a quick repair or replacement of the device, without further costs.

No, internal studies show that even by wearing a mask, the quality of the recording and the transcription are still great.

Skeeter is designed to be used in any context, so it is the perfect tool for any healthcare provider (physicians, nurses, anaesthetists, etc...).

Actually Skeeter was conceived exactly for this purpose, as “flexibility” is its second name. Let’s consider a physician who has to visit several patients in different hospital rooms every day: with Skeeter it’s possible to take advantage of the time spent shifting from a room to another, to immediately record every useful information about the last visit. This ensures the maximum level of optimisation, even in a highly dynamic working context and in spite of having a very short time available.

The user experience is very easy and intuitive: the provider wears the device, then he can record vocal notes, related to a specific patient or “generic” ones, whenever he needs. At the end of the work shift, the provider opens the Skeeter’s web app on the browser directly by logging in his personal profile, where he can immediately have access to all the vocal notes recorded during the day. The notes can be listened to, and the related transcriptions are already set to be used for the official clinical documentation.

The team behind Skeeter

We come from academy and financial services.

Our leading principles are modernization, creativity and efficiency.

We strive for the perfect balance between affordable costs, top-tier security and usability.

Paola Santini
CEO & Sales Manager
Giorgio Azzinnaro
Principal Engineer
Matteo Onnis
Architect & Engineer
Maurizio Cardia
Product Manager & Engineer
Giuseppe Greco
Senior Software Architect

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